elcon parmiter street

106 Family apartments and townhouses are being constructed in the Elcon system in Bethnal Green, London. The development is unique in that it includes ground level parking, courtyards at first floor level and roof allotments for the use of the tenants.

The dwelling units are very energy efficient and built to Code Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, the UK’s environmental impact rating system. Effectively, this means that the apartment and house structures have to be airtight to maximise heating efficiency and to meet the rigorous acoustic standards demanded by the code.

The Elcon structure is well suited for Code 4 as concrete possesses extremely good thermal mass properties. This helps the buildings to be warm in winter yet cool in summer.

Additionally, the natural high density of concrete means that it is also highly resistant to the passage of air borne sound. These properties when considered with Elcon’s fully grouted jointing system, make for an extremely air tight structure. Tenants and home owners alike will be experiencing a new level of quietness and cheaper energy bills.

The Elcon wall panels are being made at the TeamHomes manufacturing facility in Bow, just 3 miles from the project site. Some 1,400 `L’ shaped and flat panels are required for the project, together with 12,000m2 of prestressed precast flooring. The precast structure is anticipated to be erected in 20 weeks with overall completion set for the end of 2010.

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