Over 40 years ago, a team of concrete engineers sought to make radical improvements to flat panel construction technology, work which led to the development of the Elcon of today and the unique building system that bears the Elcon name.

The innovation created by that team was to cast two flat panels together as one 'L' shaped panel as a load bearing element of a building structure. The advantage of an 'L' shaped panel is that in most situations it does not require propping and supporting during erection, and horizontal panel-to-panel connections are not required. Panels can also be cast in large sizes (up to 25m² for normal storey heights) which means that the number of joints is vastly reduced compared to conventional flat panel systems.

Since the discovery of this innovation, the benefits of the 'L' shaped panel system have been appreciated the world over with the successful, trouble free completion of thousands of dwellings, apartments, hotels, campuses and military cantonments. The strength and ruggedness of the system means that buildings can be economically constructed to over twelve storeys high, even in the most hostile geophysical environments, as the Elcon Building System can be designed to meet seismic design building code requirements in all countries.

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